Here are some things folks I've worked with have to say:

 Private Class/Choreography for Flash mob
"I hired Nkei to choreograph a dance routine for a surprise flash mob for my partner.  She was terrific.  I needed a dance routine that would be visually compelling and fun and that people of varying abilities could learn in a short period of time. Nkei taught a class of 10 of my friends and family how to do the dance.  She was patient, made it fun, broke it down into learnable chunks, and gave us encouragement as we went. The dance routine she developed was awesome.  The moves we performed embodied the lyrics.  She designed a special role for me that I could do even as a horrible dancer. The flash mob turned out beautifully and Nkei was a major reason why."
-Olivia d.

Dance Coaching
Who needs therapy when you can dance and drum it out with Nkei?  She successfully convinced a dance-in-public-phobic to take a Booty therapy class and perform in SF Carnaval Parade!  The best thing you’ll get from one of Nkei’s classes, aside from an obscure booty shaking technique [or insert whatever you want to emphasize], is the joyful, down to earth energy that comes from a teacher who truly believes that, if you can walk, you can dance.  And if you’re lucky and hang around long enough, you’ll join her 300-deep fan club and community of beautiful artists, activists, and performers who know how to get down, in the living room, onstage or in a random parking lot outside the club!

Parent of a Participant/Performer
"Nkei has shaped my daughter into a community leader! I first observed Nkei as her mentor and quickly observed that indeed she is a master of her craft. No frills EFFORT. And then frills...lots and lots, like all sorts and kinds of community performances, benefits, and family gatherings. It is important to my wife and I, that [my daughter] have powerful women of color in her life as role models. Nkei's D-Fuse dance program affirms my child's creative expression as well as her voice. One of the greatest gifts Nkei has given my daughter is the courage to smile before huge audiences, such as political and cultural dignitaries!  There's so much to say about Nkei, D-Fuse and the impact both have had on my fourteen year old daughter! As an American Muslim, I am so thankful that Nkei ensures that the popular music she uses in her classes and performances is discussed and deconstructed!  Moreover, due to Nkei's rich cultural homeland, she is well acquainted with the nuances of Islamic culture and has always adapted costume attire and ensured a private girl space in which the program participants are not subjected to the male gaze. I greatly appreciate Nkei's grace and character and am thankful that she invited our daughter to join D-FUSE."
Jason Ross Brown

Parent of a Participant/Performer
Exposure, Exploration, Empowerment and Leadership are just a few of the personal skills my daughter has developed since being in Nkei's dance and drum class.  Nkei teaches self acceptance and empowerment through global interconnection using music, movement and rhythm. Her culturally enriched classes contributed to my daughter's healthy confidence and leadership skills.  Nkei encourages each student to express their unique-self and motivates them to take a leadership role in class and society by using music and creative power to communicate, connect and express.