April 28: Afrobeats Dance Party Half-Hour at OMCA

BdA 2016, Photo by Lanee Mecca

"I always feel kinda self conscious posting things not directly related to the most current tragic brand of evilery that is happening in this vile world that humans have created. But I also know that it's that AND, this. And as I'm blessed with the opportunity to create and facilitate healing, sweaty, laughing spaces for people then I should do it.
This year especially, through Dance I have been able to connect with people who could use at the very least one hour to get away from it all. I'm lucky that the work that I do and I'm good at is something that humans 'actually' need.
So come, get your half-hour, ginga your muscles, bones, mind, soul, spirit, digestive system, whatever you want... you name it!"
Meet Nkei Oruche and friends...on the dance floor....
hard, fast, slow, all Afro!
at the Oakland Museum PLAZA

let us know you're coming