San Jose State Won't Let Him Graduate, He Needs Your Help!!

UPDATE: $1400 PAID LAST MONTH. Need another $1400 by October 14. Please help make this happen.

 Hi Friends,
I have an Urgent request. Please help me support this young man to finish college and receive his degree which is being thwarted (more info below) by the incompetence of San Jose State University. I need to raise $2500, and I know with the community of folks we have it is possible.

How to Help
  1. Paypal money to his mother 'Send money to friends and family' 
  2. Purchase a T-shirt here and all proceeds will benefit this family and given to his mom
  3. Mail a check (email for address)
  4. Click the Help Now Button below to make a donation by CC.

The Story
Ronald Mills, a 24 year old young man from West Oakland, went against the odds, beat the statistics and made it into San Jose State University to pursue a college education. In May 2016, with pride and extreme joy he walked the stage. He pursued a degree in Sociology with plans to work with children and adults in mental health because he wants to ensure that they get the care they need.
He was ready to move on to the next phase of his life, as a hardworking community member, an inspiration and motivation to his 14 year old younger sister Jayla, and a support system for his Mom, when he found out after weeks of waiting that he would not be receiving his Diploma.

Heartbroken, frustrated and distraught, Ronald found out that this was due to his counselor at SJSU misinforming him about the requirements and in fact approving him to matriculate.  He still had 2 classes, and he had used up all his financial aid and since he had 'graduated' lost access to the scholarships that helped him get through college in the first place. Although this is SJSU's error, the only answers they have for him, is to take and pay for these class by Sep 14, 2016 out of pocket. Ronald and his family worked hard to finish school, and $2500 is an insurmountable amount them to come up with in such a short amount of time.
Please help this young man continue to beat the odds. Please support him with your voice and funds to make it. Please donate and please share with other people to help.