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MAY 16: Brazilian Rhythms:

Percussion Workshop with Thais Bezerra

Monday May 16, 2016
Trybe: 2008 Park Blvd., Oakland
$30 for Drop-In
Free for participants currently enrolled in our adult programs

About Maestrina Thais Bezerra:

Thaís Bezerra is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and educator who specialize in Brazilian folk music. She was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she resides. Bezerra holds a Bachelor Degree in Music from CBM-CEU Conservatório Brasileiro de Música, 2011). In 2014,Bezerra became an Orff certified teacher from the San Francisco School in California, USA. She is currently taking her first semester on music education master program at PROEMUS/UNIRIO (Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro,Brazil).

In addition, Thais is the conductor of two Blocos in Rio: "MULTIBLOCO” and the “Terreirada Cearense (Percussion Ensemble with over 100 percussionists). She also plays with "Bateria Vila Isabel - Swingueira de Noel", one of the Brazilian lead samba school from Rio and she is a member of “Damas de Ferro Brass Band” (a whole female percussion, woodwind and brass ensemble)

Other important work experience as a teacher, conductor and arranger includes an Artist in Residence invited by the Bay Area cultural performance community company "SambaFunk! Carnaval Explosion (" in preparation for the Carnaval San Francisco and Oakland Carnival 2015 and 2016.