Ciara from Atlanta, Dancing in these Lagos Streets

I probably can't name five Ciara songs off the top of my head, okay probably I can...but I could never pick any Ciara songs as 'MY JAM'. I do know that I think Ciara is like one of THE best dancers in the biz... like it's Micheal, Janet, Ciara. I've said this before, she's BAD.

And I've also said that Afro-Urban Dance and Music is the tool for US to start conversations, to destructs myths, to get to know each other. Us Africans from around the world... whether recent or long long time ago.  I'm tired of the days when I was the only person on either sides of my worlds, cultures that like 'all types'. Looking for even more recognition and intersection across more styles and countries.

I have an extra notch of fancy for Ciara and her dancing. ALSO really appreciate, that she's giving CREDIT, and nod to the experience, to the source, and people. She hired a Nigerian choreographer (albeit the biggest in the game), and although Dolphin estates may not be the 'streetiests' of streets, she is dancing with no shoes on the concrete. Bad-azzzzz... haha.

I mean I know these days the sounds of Nigerian Pop are pretty much American 'Urban' mainstream. What, after all types of collaborations of Nigerian artists with US Rappers & singers, or Instagram postings of Swizz and Alicia keys rocking out to some of the hottest jams from there. Alluva sudden it's cool to be African. I'll take it. Lots more work to be done, but we'll use this.

And what I would have done to be there. Oh shit.

My Favorite clip, of course is the take off solos by the other dancers.

and then this one to Kukere