Sat, Feb 6: Stories of Revolt - From Azonto to Zouk

I'm all in. Part bare-assed vulnerability. part unapologetic Black joy. 
Dance Mission Theater's D.I.R.T. Festival presents
Dance Mission at the Red Poppy
Fom Azonto to Zouk: Afro-Urban Dance Stories
with Nkei Oruche

Presented as part of MAPP
1/2 dance class / 1/2 lecture-demo

Featuring a sampler of a few Afro-Urban Dance styles, Nkei Oruche shares personal narratives as as a way to discuss the context of music and dance created by people of African descent in Urban settings.

While facilitating participants through high-paced, sensual and back-popping moves from the African-Urban Diaspora, Nkei Oruche will share of her dance journey: from childhood in Nigeria and the United States, young adulthood in California, and now motherhood in Oakland. How Soukous, Dancehall, Coupe Decale, Hip hop and the Nigerian Pop soundscape play a role in her struggle with cultural identity, body image, and artistic expression. And how she hopes to use the practices of Afro-Urban dance as a way to help rehabilitate the gory effects of colonialism and displacement on people of African descent.