Tiguidi @ the Oakland Museum

I don't know why I took so long to pop this one out. But last night, I had to make the Tiguidi happen. I'll follow this up with saying that last night's class was 'Simply Pleasurable'. Got to see some beautiful African faces getting down including my sisters in dance Holly and Tola.. giving it! Everyone was just really vibing, and I was so geeked. We kept it mellow channeling the Naija, Azonto & Kuduro sounds, and mainly getting down to the hit by Tour 2 Garde 'Tiguidi'

This song AND video to me is so legitimately Afro-Urban, spanning various African aesthetics and sounds. It just is RIGHT. I love how they rep a variety of fashion and dance styles while keeping it chill on the main groove. If you know half of anything about me, you'll know that because I am so geeked about lots of Afro-derived sounds, I love this display of Pan-Africanism. AND The 'tiguidi move' is so simple yet dynamic; and you can add your own spin: club style, sabar style, coupe style, soukouss style...and the list goes on. I could do this for hours, I imagine. A certified party jam.

Tour 2 Garde's precursor jam Makassa is of course a banger too.  Anyway here's what happened Sep 25 at the Oakland Museum Plaza:
  1. Oyari by Dr. Sid ft. Tiwa Savage (Nigeria) 
  2. Adonai Remix by Sarkodie ft. Castro (Ghana)
  3. Tokê Nangô by DJ Branquinho Feat. Os Banah (Angola)
  4. Tiguidi by Tour 2 Garde (Côte d’Ivoire)
  5. Alaji by DJ Ramatoulaye (Côte d’Ivoire)