About Last Night & FAQs

Friday Sept 4 at the OMCA was fun! There were a bunch of African sistas in the house so the Afro-Urban vibe was fully loaded. I'm looking forward to the next one; I'll be there on September 25th 6:30pm at the Plaza, and this time I'm going to even turn it up a notch on the crowd. A few answers to questions that I got A LOT of last night and usually do:

1. Where do you teach?
I do workshops and residencies as the excitement and opportunity comes about, unfortunately I do not teach regularly. When I do I'll usually post them them here and send out a mailing list, to which you should subscribe (scroll down side bar right) if you want to be in the loop. I also throw and attend parties or events that feature DJs and the music I play. I also just started an FB page where I aim to share more of these workshops, events, and music of the Afro-Urban scene. 
and if you want a weekly dose of the sound and style check out 
Afro Dance Fitness with Ana La Belle on Tuesday 6:30-7:30pm at In the Groove Studios on 14th St. Oakland

2. What is Afro-Urban Dance?
Afro-Urban dance is dance, music, fashion and visuals originate from people of African descent in the continent and diaspora that exists in diverse settings such as at home, streets and clubs/parties.

3. What is this Music?
At various classes and workshops I talk about what songs/styles I'm sharing. In general, the list of what I consider Afro-Urban is pretty endless and global. Usually the sounds you're hearing are from currently trending popular artists in the African music scene. The styles include but are not limited to Coupe Decale | Azonto | Dancehall | Soca | Naija | Kwaito | Ndombolo | Afrobeat | Afro-House | Hip Hop | & More

On Sep 4th these are the tracks that I played
  1. Adonai Remix by Sarkodie ft. Castro (Ghana)
  2. Tokê Nangô by DJ Branquinho Feat. Os Banah (Angola)
  3. Oyari by Dr. Sid ft. Tiwa Savage (Nigeria)
  4. Kababeleke by Serge Beynaud (Côte d’Ivoire)

Photo by Eduardo De Ugarte
Not that I'm not always excited to do this. But I'm REALLY excited to do this one. First dance class post pregnancy, post baby delivery. I'm celebrating slowly gaining full use of my mid-section.


Two dates this month

Sep 4th & Sep 25th
with Nkei Oruche & D. Fuse
6:30-7:00pm,  Free, family friendly & fun (for sure).