A New Season Falleth Upon Us

Okay. I'm excited but also a bit freaked out that we're here. Middle of September and all of a sudden all this time I had doing 'nothing' is officially coming to a close. Well here's some of the excitement coming up:

Sep 14- Global Street Drum with BoomShake
Sep 15- Final Semba Classes with Danca Makezu
Sep 19- Insane Afro-Urban Dance with Queens of AlterEgo
Sep 25- Me turning it up at the Oakland Museum as per usual: 6:30-7pm
Sep 29- Global Street Drum for WOC with BoomShake & Regina Califa
Oct 3- With MUCH GRIEF and Saltiness: Saying Goodbye to Danca Makezu of Kizomba Glory

Get with some or ALL of it!! And stay tuned for more