Kwassa Kwassa & Ndombolo Stylings

God bless the person that uploaded this 'vintage' Kwassa Kwassa' clip. I just wanna wiggle all the time while watching it.

3rd Class Down. 3 More to go. If you're reading this and you're thinking of stopping by, feel free to come! Each class is a stand-alone class where we work on a new style, and then review what we learned previously.

Today was a fun class!! Haha. Well, every class is super fun but for some reason today was special. So we took it to Central Africa to two of my favorites adopted countries Democratic Republic of the Congo & Republic of the Congo. If I had a chance to be reborn, I would want to come back Congolese so I could just dance my butt off all the time (assuming that simply by being Congolese you automatically are a good dancer).

We danced to one of the most popular African music genres in the world: Soukous. We worked it out to some Kwassa Kwassa which is always super fun to dance and watch (especially when the pros are doing it). We did some Ndombolo and got some mid-section action going using the most important body part (which shall not be named).

Here are the songs we got down to:

Warm Up & Cool Down
  • Love in African Club by Chief Boima/Usher "Love in this Club" Remix{Coupe Decale | Ivory Coast/USA}
  • Festa mascarado by Suzanna Lubrano {Zouk | Cape Verde}
  • Move your Body by Beyonce {R&B | USA}
  • Effrakata- Koffi Olomide {Zouk | Cape Verde}
  • Ezakoya- Koffi Olomide
  • Wenge Musica BC/BG-J.B Mpiana

  • Kwassa Kwassa- Kanda Bongo Man
  • Loi-Koffi Olomide

Here are some other similar artists and sounds to check out: Papa Wemba, Pepe Kalle, Werrason, Soukous Stars, Oliver N'goma, Fally Ipupa, Awilo Logomba (Makossa).

Until next time!