First Class Down: Nov 1: Track List & Video Post

I had the best time of my life teaching and dancing at the first class of the Afro-Urban Street & Club Dance workshop. I couldn't have asked for better participants who were willing to try, rock and shake it. I can't say enough thanks to everyone who came: we had all levels; from people who had never taken a dance class before to dance performers and instructors. I really look forward to the remaining 5 classes in the workshop series.

For this class we kept it a bit mellow (haha) and stayed in the Western part of Africa jamming to some contemporary music from Nigeria & Ghana and a little bit from Senegal and Cape Verde. We got a taste of some Afrobeat, Hip life, Naija hip hop & pop and Mbalax, Afro-house and Highlife. We had lot of pop music from Nigeria: 1. Because that's where I'm from and naturally I listen to a lot of music from here 2. because the music and entertainment industry in Nigeria (or Naija as we call it) is really flourishing and is what is hot in Africa and in the Diaspora these days.

Here is a list of songs that were played in class today with artist name, genre (some labels made up by me in my best attempt to describe the sound), and country of origin of the artist

Warm Up & Cool Down
  • Ara by Brymo {Afrohouse | Nigeria}
  • Festa mascarado by Suzanna Lubrano {Zouk |  Cape Verde}
  • End of Time by Beyonce {R&B | USA}
  • Kwarikwa by Flavour {Nu Highlife | Nigeria}
Across the Floor
  • Shakara Lady by Cheikh Lô from Red Hot + Riot: The Music And Spirit Of Fela Kuti {Afrobeat Fusion | Senegal}
  • Shakara by Fela Kuti  {Afrobeat | Nigeria}
  • Ahomka Wo Mu by VIP {Hiplife | Ghana}
  • Oldman Boogey by FBS ft. Tinny {Hiplife | Ghana}
  • Number One by M.I. ft Flavour {Naija Pop/Highlife | Nigeria}
  • Chop My Money by P-Square {Naija Ragga | Nigeria}
Teno by Zara Gretti {Afro-house | Nigeria}

Until next week!!