Afrobeat till I Die! the Fela Experience

Fela! is coming to SF. As I said in my first class post: I am Nigerian and some days (although being an Igbo child) I can claim to be a certified Lagos babe; so Afrobeat is a default sight and sound of life as I know it. I grew up with Fela in my ear and my TV screen. The play on Broadway was a dream, that I never knew I had, come true and a piece of work that is inspiring in many ways. As a relatively 'self-taught' dancer and a lover of music and dance from all over the world, it was very moving to see people who look like me doing quality performance with music, dance and theater that I can relate strongly with.
One3snapshot art & graphic design collective kicked of our T-shirt and Apparel venture back in 2003 with Fela Kuti T-shirts as one of our first attempts. Back then I would see shirts of so many icons and I always wondered what other icons would I want to rep? And since then there's been no turning back... when we first made these shirts and had them available for sale, there were virtually not any other Fela tees that we could find... lol there definitely was not a broadway play about his life.

Check out our website to purchase as a gift or for yourself. We are currently running a special discount on all Fela Tees on our website with discount code FELAINSF. Enjoy!

It's cool to see the Fela Kuti/Afrobeat influence being even more appreciated around the world.
My finally being motivated to do this Afro-Urban Dance Workshop was partly influenced by the play's existence...I always imagined that it would have been amazing to be a cast member. Haha!

Everybody say Yeah Yeah!