2nd Class: Pelvic Popping and Theatrics

 This class we stayed still in West Africa  in the country of Côte d'Ivoire and explored the wonderful world of Coupe Decale. Yes I love Coupe Decale so much that it was worth a whole session all by itself!

I promised a download of a mix from the first class. To get a download of the songs we worked with send an email to nkeiru@one3snapshot.com by Monday 11/20/2011 and I'll send you a link.

I hope I did not scare folks away too much by bringing it in so early in the game, but it is so fun and high-energy and I thought it necessary to kick it up a notch since the 1st class was relatively mellow (in my opinion). Even in its recent creation I feel as though the genre has managed to stay innovative and changing to keep folks engaged in the sound. Critics of the genres say it is a passing fad and will die soon, but I don't think so. I think folks like DJ Arafat (who I have the biggest crush on), Kedjedvara DJ & DJ Eloh and other folks who are passionate about what Douk Saga & the Jet Set crew started will keep it going.

The cool thing about CD is how very accessible it is as a genre, and with electronic music being a major direction for  music (across the globe) these days, it's only fitting that contemporary artists in the US + elsewhere will be fusing these sounds into their music i.e. Beyonce's 'End of Time' a very Kwaito feel (South African music/dance that is similar to the Coupe Decale style).

We sweated hard in this class. Coupe Decale is hard because it has such unique and complex movements but it's also easy because it's so fun to dance to and also has so much room for creativity and individual personality.

Here's the track list from class #2

Warm Up & Cool Down
  • Love in African Club by Chief Boima/Usher "Love in this Club" Remix{Coupe Decale | Ivory Coast/USA}
  • Festa mascarado by Suzanna Lubrano {Zouk |  Cape Verde}
  • Move your Body by Beyonce {R&B | USA}
Across the Floor/Movements
  • Tchoucou Tchoucou by Kedjevara DJ {Coupe Decale | Côte d'Ivoire}
  • Bobaraba by DJ Eloh {Coupe Decale | Côte d'Ivoire}
  • Bablee Samuz by Bablee {Coupe Decale | Côte d'Ivoire}
Femmes by DJ Arafat {Coupe Decale | Côte d'Ivoire}