Afro-Urban Dance Workshop @ Dance Mission Theater, San Francisco

Hey Folks,

I'm super excited. Why? Okay well some of you have been asking me "when will you do adult dance classes"? When is the adult D-Fuse gonna happen?The others of you just happen to be innocent bystanders of this post.

I am going to be doing a 7-week Afro-Urban Street & Club Dance Performance Workshop Series at Dance Mission Theater on Tuesdays from 7:30-9:00pm beginning on Tuesday Nov 1 for adults and teens.

Well how about that? I'm nervous and can't wait all wrapped in one sticky bubble gum.

But wait!
Here's the catch!!

This class will be for ALL levels: free spirit, pre-beginner, beginner, intermediate, advanced and watchoutnow, all gender types and body persuasions. I will work you out and keep you challenged yet getting it!
All of it will culminate in street and club performances on Saturday Dec 10 staying to true spirit of the dance styles. The performances will have options for all levels and participation interest (or you can just come to take the classes  and not perform)

What the hell are you going to have me doing?
Contemporary dance styles from Ivory Coat, Congo, Nigeria, Brazil, Jamaica & the USA. From Coupe Decale to Afro Hip-Hop! From Afrobeat to Dancehall!

How much money do I have to part with?
$15/class drop-in or $65 for the whole series (including performance opportunity)

Check out some videos to inspire you. Get dancing!

I will be sending out the 'official' promo and web flyer soon At that point I would love if you could please help me pass on to as many folks as you know may be interested.

Stay on the look out.