Sat, Feb 6: Stories of Revolt - From Azonto to Zouk

I'm all in. Part bare-assed vulnerability. part unapologetic Black joy. 
Dance Mission Theater's D.I.R.T. Festival presents
Dance Mission at the Red Poppy
Fom Azonto to Zouk: Afro-Urban Dance Stories
with Nkei Oruche

Presented as part of MAPP
1/2 dance class / 1/2 lecture-demo

Featuring a sampler of a few Afro-Urban Dance styles, Nkei Oruche shares personal narratives as as a way to discuss the context of music and dance created by people of African descent in Urban settings.

While facilitating participants through high-paced, sensual and back-popping moves from the African-Urban Diaspora, Nkei Oruche will share of her dance journey: from childhood in Nigeria and the United States, young adulthood in California, and now motherhood in Oakland. How Soukous, Dancehall, Coupe Decale, Hip hop and the Nigerian Pop soundscape play a role in her struggle with cultural identity, body image, and artistic expression. And how she hopes to use the practices of Afro-Urban dance as a way to help rehabilitate the gory effects of colonialism and displacement on people of African descent.

6-Week Afro-Urban Dance Workshop with Me!!

Afro-Urban Dance Elements
with Nkei Oruche
Featuring Ana La Belle and Shaneeka 'Akemi' Smoot

March 19-April 23, 2016
Dance Mission Theater
3316 24th Street (corner Mission), San Francisco
$120/6 weeks

Explore features of African Club and Party dance using popular and high-energy music from the African Diaspora including Afrobeats, Azonto, Coupe Decale, Hip Hop, Kuduro and more.

The Afro-Urban Dance Elements workshop focuses on various features of African Club and Party dance; Freestyle, Solos, Partnering, Line Dance, and Choreography, using popular music from the African Diaspora.The workshop series will close off with a jam session and party-style showcase open to the public.

Open to all levels and interests of dancers from beginner to advanced.

Friday Jan 15, Afro-Urban Dance at OMCA

Currently still jamming 2015 Naija greats including WOJU, Godwin (Korede Bello), and EVERYTHING Falz (mostly for listening pleasure).

Shake the cold and come get it in for the '16

short, sweet and sweaty
Let me know you're coming


Alex Ssempijja

I've been having a bit of an existensial crisis mourning the loss of someone I never actually met in person. But certain dancers are just my soulmates (whether they know it or not), and this one is really hurting. So hard to watch videos of this kid dancing, because I realize I'm not going to see any new ones.

Alex of the Sitya Loss/Ghetto Kids Triplet died this month and this video (and others) is intensely bittersweet. Dance in Peace.
Alex trying lingala dance style by Richie buzzy new callable coming soon.bakunda .....
Posted by Kavuma Dauda on Saturday, November 7, 2015

Bacchanal de Afrique 2016 Casting Call

Bacchanal de Afrique Open Call/Submissions Requested
Looking for Performers and Artists of African Heritage (Individuals or Groups) who specialize in any of the following dance/music styles:

Afrobeat, Azonto, Breaking, Bounce, Chicago Stepping, Coupe Decale, Dancehall/Daggering, Funana, Jive, Kizomba, Kompa, Lindy Hop, Locking, Ndombolo, Memphis Jookin, Merengue, Pantsula, Popping, Punta, Rumba, Tap, Salsa, Samba-(Axé, Reggae, Pagode), New Orleans Second-Line, Soca, Turf, Vogue, Waacking, Zouk.

About Bacchanal de Afrique
Afro-Urban Dance and Music Extravaganza. From Azonto to Zouk; Coupe Decale to Hiphop; Dancehall to Vogue; Afro-house to Soukous and more. Dancers, DJs and Musicians come together for a night of true afro street and club revelry showcasing the diversity of Africa and her Diaspora. A light-hearted and high-energy exchange of Afro-Urban dance and music styles.

Bacchanal de Afrique will be showcasing events in February 2016. Selected performers and artists should be available in the Bay Area for rehearsals and meetings leading up to and in February 2016. Interested parties should complete this form.

Tiguidi @ the Oakland Museum

I don't know why I took so long to pop this one out. But last night, I had to make the Tiguidi happen. I'll follow this up with saying that last night's class was 'Simply Pleasurable'. Got to see some beautiful African faces getting down including my sisters in dance Holly and Tola.. giving it! Everyone was just really vibing, and I was so geeked. We kept it mellow channeling the Naija, Azonto & Kuduro sounds, and mainly getting down to the hit by Tour 2 Garde 'Tiguidi'

This song AND video to me is so legitimately Afro-Urban, spanning various African aesthetics and sounds. It just is RIGHT. I love how they rep a variety of fashion and dance styles while keeping it chill on the main groove. If you know half of anything about me, you'll know that because I am so geeked about lots of Afro-derived sounds, I love this display of Pan-Africanism. AND The 'tiguidi move' is so simple yet dynamic; and you can add your own spin: club style, sabar style, coupe style, soukouss style...and the list goes on. I could do this for hours, I imagine. A certified party jam.

Tour 2 Garde's precursor jam Makassa is of course a banger too.  Anyway here's what happened Sep 25 at the Oakland Museum Plaza:
  1. Oyari by Dr. Sid ft. Tiwa Savage (Nigeria) 
  2. Adonai Remix by Sarkodie ft. Castro (Ghana)
  3. Tokê Nangô by DJ Branquinho Feat. Os Banah (Angola)
  4. Tiguidi by Tour 2 Garde (Côte d’Ivoire)
  5. Alaji by DJ Ramatoulaye (Côte d’Ivoire)

A New Season Falleth Upon Us

Okay. I'm excited but also a bit freaked out that we're here. Middle of September and all of a sudden all this time I had doing 'nothing' is officially coming to a close. Well here's some of the excitement coming up:

Sep 14- Global Street Drum with BoomShake
Sep 15- Final Semba Classes with Danca Makezu
Sep 19- Insane Afro-Urban Dance with Queens of AlterEgo
Sep 25- Me turning it up at the Oakland Museum as per usual: 6:30-7pm
Sep 29- Global Street Drum for WOC with BoomShake & Regina Califa
Oct 3- With MUCH GRIEF and Saltiness: Saying Goodbye to Danca Makezu of Kizomba Glory

Get with some or ALL of it!! And stay tuned for more